Its rainy day as usual. Though it is just morning, I am feeling sleepy already. I am commuting to my office by bus. People are talking, laughing, having fun, chatting on the phone - I don’t want to see or hear it. I just want to close my eyes and hear to something which teleports me to my dream world.

I plugged in the lovely headphones I have, which reduces the outer noise completely. I started my favorite song. The song started, I can see people talking but I can’t hear it. Now I am in a completely different world of the song. All good songs make us close our eyes and get relaxed but this song is different, it makes me keep my eyes open and feel the good even in this polluted en route.

I can see a lot of vehicles around me but I am watching a bike’s front wheel which is quite symmetric and treading on the road easily, the greatest creation of human. I can see the wheel’s movement perfectly rhymes with the song. Or I am making it rhyme with the song. Evidently, I am in the song’s world and I am rhyming everything I see around. Though I am staring the wheel, this time I am not thinking anything serious which depresses me but only about this song.

I am now wondering how human travelled this far in time, how human survived till now? Humans didn’t just survive but successfully created different colonies, distinctions among themselves, showing strength in different ways - In simple words “comparison”. “Compare” is a strong word and I believe is the source of confusion which again confuses us with the irony of “comparison” to show what is confusion and what is not confusion. Without “compare” there is no meaning to words like human, big, small, tall, short etc..

You need to compare with tall to call one thing as short.

And if we start from not comparing anything then we can see the true meaning of our existence. I never think like this. It is like I am high, no it is me, pure me. The thoughts bring down by the divine songs are pure. They make us pure.

I can feel as there is nothing inside me. Seems like the song is reverberating inside an empty room. I can feel the song making the hair on my hands stand. Ah, here comes the beats which I was waiting for, I know as I heard this song thousands of times. Now this makes me feel as I am the king of the world again, or something beyond. From bottom of my heart, I praise the band. My conscience agrees with the band and I can feel it.

The song ends.. and alas, I am back again to this dreadful world.