She is standing in front of me, across the wide street. I saw her after a long time. I had almost consoled my heart to live without her, a crippled life. Though she is far, I can see that she is seeing me with a charismatic smile on her beautiful face. The smile which kills me every time, which has power to teleport me to a world where only she and I are present. She might have realized that I love her. I felt as though she wants to say something. ..or maybe that’s my hallucination. One part of me says - “Why is she back?” Another part says - “Why she looking at me?” But most of my parts wants to be in that moment forever. I can make our relation go further by proposing her but I am afraid she may take it as surprise and I might lose her forever. I am dumb to think so, but my heart dominates my brain in this matter. Just her presence Ionizes me.

She is trying to cross the street to come by my side. suddenly, a SUV came at her side, screeching its tyres to stop the speed moving hulk at once. Something is happening there. I can see some guys came out of the SUV and started to forcibly move her, to abduct her. A sudden sense in my body, shaking me from head to toe. I wasn’t expecting this on a routine normal day. I don’t know what to do, I am feeling helpless. I must do something.. I don’t know them, maybe they are from her past. I don’t give a damn about them. I must protect her. Everyone is watching the scene as a movie is going on. No one is doing anything. I decide not to be one of those people. I see a guy next to me with a bat in his hand, watching the incident as everyone. I snatched the bat from his hand to fight against them. I don’t know how I can beat those three guys with a bat.. They might be armed.. I don’t stand a chance.. But I don’t give a damn about my life at this moment.. I must do it.. I must protect her. I crossed the road quickly and swung my hand in attempt to hit a guy with the bat who was forcing her. But before I could hit him, I felt a blow on back of my head and I fell on the ground.. a blow which could kill a guy easily.. but not me.. I have to protect her first. I can see they succeed to get her inside the SUV.. The SUV started moving.. I am still on the ground.. The people around are all focusing on me and ignoring the departing SUV.. I must not give up.. I might lose her forever.. I stood.. staggering like hell. I fell down again.

I am in middle of nowhere, thinking that I might have died.. but I must not be.. I must protect her first.. I can see an angel coming towards me, flying. She is the angel. She gives me a kiss on the forehead. A kiss.. which is the leverage to everything in this world. The kiss which makes me do miracles. A leverage so powerful that I can create an impossible wonder or destroy the world, for her.

I woke up suddenly. I can barely feel myself. my whole body is numb. my heart beating as drum, thinking about her safety. The SUV was gone, I don’t know where it has gone. I don’t want to give up.. A kid, around ten year old, approached me and pointed me to the direction they went and offered me his bicycle. At far, I can see the SUV is stalled at an old warehouse. It might sound funny to chase on a cycle, but again, I don’t give a damn.

I rode the cycle to the old warehouse. I still don’t know how can I beat them.. the police might be on the way as I had seen some people calling, I hope they called the police. But I can’t wait for police.. I must protect her. I entered the warehouse, I can hear her voice crying for help. I must act fast. I saw a machine gun on a table, maybe it is one of those guys’s left in hurry to do the evil thing. I took it.. I don’t know how to fire it. I recalled the memories of playing shooting games. There was a safety pin on the gun, I made it off. I checked the cartridge, it was full of 30 bullets. I slowly moved in the area where they were trying to rape her. she protected herself till now, she was giving up. I aimed at them, making sure not to kill her in the assault, and started firing. I can barely handle the gun.. I was shooting somewhere else on the top. They saw me and with that attention, they took out their guns to shoot me. She took the chance to move away from them. I saw it and re-aimed myself at them. They got hit by the shots on their arms and legs but not on head or chest, I was poor with aiming. I was out of ammo.. they were down.. maybe unconscious or dead. I can see one guy, though he is hurt badly, is crawling to get the gun which fortunately fall from his hand, in one side shoot-out. Before he could take the gun, she ran towards him and hit him with a rod like thing, now he is down. My mission was completed.. She is safe. Now, I can feel the cruciating pain again on back of my head and I can see those guys shot me as well. Two bullets.. one on my left hip and another on chest, close to my heart. I fell on the ground… while closing eyes I saw her crying my name and moving towards me.. I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes.. I was in ICU. My head and upper body were wrapped in plaster. I could barely move. I see from the window that she is talking to the doctor. I see she is concern about me. she cares about me. She saw me that I was conscious and ran towards me, that felt good. She is crying with a smile on her face, I have never seen her like this before. Her eyes were full of water clearly saying that she loves me. She gives a damn about me. Now, I don’t give a damn about the things which going to happen next because she is with me now.

Author’s note: Thanks for reading this story. This is my first fictional story, I hope you liked it. I was trying to get Sin city like narration. Any suggestion/feedback/critic are heartly welcome.