Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!!

Here are some of the mistakes which I spot on “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie:

  • Superman can detect when Lois lane is in danger but he can’t detect when his mother is in danger (his mother gets kidnapped by Lex luthor).
  • When Superman and Batman were fighting, Superman could have easily done a laser attack on Batman’s mouth which was armorless (ofcourse he wasn’t meant to kill Batman but could have heat the armor near to Batman’s cheek so that he could have felt the Burnnn).
  • When military people decide to blast off Doomsday along with the Superman, according to physics, the blast was meant to push both of them very far away from the Earth. But it doesn’t, they stand in the space near to the Earth.
  • Superman gets healed of the damage done by a Nuke but can’t get heal by Doomsday’s pierce. (He might have, so I doubt this)

Apart from the mistakes mentioned above, I do enjoyed the movie very much. To pin out some things:

  • Tremendous acting by every actor in the movie.
  • Hats off to Director Zack Snyder who brought us in the DC comic flow from the very start of the Movie.
  • We do love the old (not too old) Batman, Christian Bale. But actually, I didn’t miss him after seeing this new Batman acted by Ben affleck. He really acted very well, IMO.