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I am a new fan of Linkin Park. Before I didn’t listen to their all songs but did listen to songs like “in the end” and “One Step Closer”. At that time I wasn’t their fan or fan of any other band/singer. I had a bunch or lot of mixed songs from different bands or singers. My taste in music was not organised.

Few years ago, I formed up enthusiasm towards listening to the albums of popular bands. It all started with “Led Zeppelin”. I started listening their greatest hits comprising of 20 songs. Unknowingly, I stopped listening to my mixed song collection and only used to listen/enjoy led Zeppelin. Even today, “The rain song” from their songs is my personal anthem.

I then started listening to Pink Floyd. Another great selection by me which I quite like and enjoy even today. Few more albums I listen and enjoy are Daft punk, The Doors, Bryan Adams, Maroon 5, Back street boys, Coldplay, Eminem, Queen, Bruno mars, James blunt and Enrique Iglesias. And then out of nowhere I started listening to Linkin park. At first I didn’t like their songs but I was in mood of listening something hard. And slowly I got addicted to their every song and they started making sense to me. I felt like their songs are the utmost level of awesomeness in music. Not just music but also lyrics. Linkin park uses different music notes which are distinct and doesn’t even come up close to their other songs. Even chester’s screaming and shinoda’s raps differ in every single song. They know how to make songs, they are professionals. At last my exploration to great music with great lyrics ends here. It is not like other bands are not this great but this band is for me and I am happy that I found it.

Unfortunately, chester died and that was a big shock to me. The above content I wrote was before his death and was about to write few suggestions to the band like making a new “collision course” album this time with eminem1 (that would have been awesome), making animation videos of their songs, doing concert in India. Now these are all just dreams. I felt like someone destroyed my music world, yes I am mad on Chester. This even taught me that “we get things to lose them”.

[1] There is a huge fan base which wanted Linkin Park feat. Eminem and you can find the similar Fan made content on youtube by blazeaudio who try to give us the experience of the collision course and they did very well.