Disclaimer: I am just sharing our experiences and things we followed to recover from Covid being Home quarantine. Fortunately, none of us in our family had severe issues. Maybe we tackled it well before it could become severe.

Here are the items we kept in hand to handle covid situation:

  • Portable oxygen cylinders (we ordered just in case of any severe issues. Fortunately, our situation was not worse to use this)
  • Washable PPE kit
  • Digital infrared thermometer (to check fever continuously)
  • Sugar and BP digital devices
  • Oxymeter (very important)
  • Electric water heater
  • Citrizen tablets (for cold, which shows up before fever)
  • Paracetemol tablets (we consumed this in earlier rise of temperature to suppress it well)
  • Cough syrup (we saw this after or with fever)
  • ORS satchets (To keep body hydrated after fever)

Everyone in our family had mild cold symptoms and sometimes lose of breath for a second or two.

Also, we did the following things:

  • Separate tongue cleaners and we kept our tooth brush and tongue cleaners with us and not in any common space (we are a joint family)
  • Increase immunity by tablets, Dabur Chyawanprash.
  • Drank tulasi arak drops in half glass warm water. (day and night)
  • lemon tea (~3pm)
  • Betel leaf tea (~4pm)
  • Dry ginger tea (~5pm)
  • Mostly ate chicken dishes everyday (we did even made our orthodox parents to do so - was very hard to convince them)
  • Kept mask in home when talking with other family members or roaming in common areas.
  • Kept the windows open from morning to evening so the bad air goes away (We closed it at night because of mosquitoes)
  • Every night we sprayed disinfectant liquid in all rooms using spray gun.
  • Every night we inhaled hot vapours of Breathwell tablets
  • Hot water goggling
  • Two boiled eggs everyday without yellow
  • Ate night soaked sprouts, 4 almonds - everyday
  • Washed utensils in warm water
  • Soaked clothes in warm dettol water for 30 mins, before washing

Note: Even after doing the above things, we had cold and then fever which we suppressed by having citrizen and paracetemol tablets. Citrizen and paracetemol tablets might not be suitable for everyone. Please consult your doctor before taking it.

Also, we took special care of our father who is 72 years old who has diabetes and heart problems. Kept him in strict isolation in a room with single person point of contact. We were afraid to quarantine him in home but still we did so as his symptoms were mild.