I like Sublime editor but wanted to try Atom and know why it is so much popular. While coding in Atom, I find many things which were not user friendly (compare to sublime) like:

  • No highlight word occurences when a word is selected.
  • By default, everything looked dark. It was hard to see and switching through tabs because of light reflection on my Mac.

But I overcome the above drawbacks by installing plugins and themes (which were so easy to install)

Here are some features which I like in Atom:

  • open source (yeah, no more popups to say purchase the license)
  • apm package manager (you can install plugins same as npm in command prompt)
  • Monokai theme (apm install monokai-seti)
  • Create your own packages
  • Highlight-selected plugin (helps to select all occurrences like in Sublime)
  • Atom-beautify plugin to beautify code (supports many languages).
  • Inbuilt git commands (for more git commands, install git-plus)
  • Fun plugins (activate-power-mode)