If you are using Async module loader, it becomes pretty easy to manage all the templates which need to be loaded dynamically when required. Using textjs plugin along with requirejs I was loading template files when needed. But additional to this, I had a requirement, where there was a possibility that a template could have dependency on other template(s) and those template(s) could have dependency on other template(s). The hierarchical chaining could go as much deep as possible based on requirement. For example, let us say that we need to load a form template. The form template has fields like textbox, button, textarea, select etc. For consistency, I made these fields as components and placed them in separate template files like textbox.html, button.html etc. And since, each field can have different custom attributes, I created another template file which holds attributes for each template, in attributes.html.

Here is an example using Lodash templates:


<div class="field-section">
    <label class="lbl <%= data.labelClass %> > <%= data.label %> </label>
    <input type="text" class="field-txt <%= data.fieldClass %>" <%= sb.setTemplate('attributes', data.attributes) %> ></input>


<% for(var key in data.attributes) { %>
    <%= key %>= <%= data.attributes[key] %>
<% } %>


<form action="submit.php">
        sb.setTemplate('textbox', { 
            labelClass: "lbl--animate", // BEM style
            label: "Name",
            fieldClass: "txt--animate",
            attributes: {
                name: "first-name",
                id: "txt-name"

And here is the code, which I used to manage and load these templates dynamically, using requireJS:


Here is an example on how to use the above code:


// Example to use above module
define(['jquery', './template-loader'], function($, templateLoader){
    templateLoader.loadTemplate('form', function(formContent){

That’s it! I hope it is helpful.

BTW, I created the same as gist on Github. Here is the link. If you have ideas to make modifications, you are welcome to contribute there :)