Disclaimer: The below article is purely self opinionated one. You are heartly welcome to correct me.

User experience is improvising as we are evolving in Technical Industry. The user is experiencing the Interactions from a very long time on UIs (User Interfaces). User Interface has evolved from CUI (Character User Interface) to GUI (Graphical User Interface). But still if we consider the User Experience without considering the UI, user wants thing to happen when they desire to do i.e “quickly”. So, we (the User Experience engineers) can reach the ultimate User experience when the desired task by the user is done instantaneously. For example, if the user thinks to buy a product and confirms it somehow through brain waves or something else, the task should be done. Let us suppose this scenario as Ideal case and utmost level of User Experience. To reach this level it might take more years and it is not in nearest future. The next level of User Experience after UI could be AI and it might not be the utmost level of User Experience, but it is definitrly far more better and a great leap towards better user experience.

My thoughts on User experience changed when I watched the movie “Her”. In that movie, the actor manages his daily tasks like reading emails, setting an alarm or writing notes through voice chat. He always has a earpod in his ear to which he commands to read emails or play songs. The movie also shows that the Actor doesn’t use much of UI to do his tasks. He uses UI only to see movies or images. The movie divides the information in two parts “can hear” and “can see”. The “can hear” information is the one which the computer can read it to you without you seeing on any UI whereas the “can see” information is the one where it must be shown on the UI like pictures and videos.

Lets talk about “can hear” type of Information. Is it just about reading emails, setting alarm etc? or we can expand this category to further by doing things like booking a show tickets, purchasing a product, transferring money..? The Things which are related to your money. Can you trust a computer to do those things while you are commanding through voice chat? Most of them would say, NO. Definitely because if computer overhear you saying “Transfer Two hundred dollars to Paul” to “Transfer Two hundred thousand dollars to Paul” you will be in deep shit.. (of course, I am not considering confirming on UI). But still if we consider a better UX case than UI, user want to do tasks related to money through voice command but the user knows that the basic computer can’t handle such tasks. So, here comes the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

AI is a super computer which can understand the user and will act as human while performing user tasks. AI knows on which user commands to ask for confirmation or not ask for confirmation or exclaim or be funny. A computer on which user can believe and depend upon. AI is just like a personal assistant for every user. I believe that by using AI we can improve the User Experience to great extent. On the other hand, UI always will be present in future to see pictures, videos or as a secondary approach to AI for hearing disability people.