You are playing a high graphic game and because of some reason you switched over to or opened other app. And suddenly you see that the game got stuck and showing blank screen on top of all other opened apps. If you try to close the game, that doesn’t work, no matter whatever you do. Even the task manager opens behind the blank game screen. What to do in that case?

Prevention step

It is better to keep the task manager setting to keep it always on top. Just go to options -> click on “always on top”.

If you don’t already have this setting or aren’t able to do this, do continue reading.

The usual way:

  • Shut down the system. If you aren’t able to even do this then hard way would be to press and hold the power button.

The way I found

  • Open task manager. Hover over the task manager icon in task bar. You can see a small window of task manager which is when on hovered you should be able to see the task manager without the Game’s blank screen. But when you try to reach the task manager window again the blank screen comes on top of it. Here what we need to do is right click on the top of that small representation window. You should be able to see options like move, maximize, minimise, restore etc.. Click on maximize that will maximise the task managers. You should be able to see last words of each task under and their respective status. Click on the Game’s task and end the process.