There are lot of bigger firms out there who are making billions of money by providing “facilities” to common people. Two of them are Uber and Ola. These companies focus on business but not on User experience. To rephrase my statement - they don’t provide proper User Experience which every common person feels as fundamentally must be available. Some points which I see make up to a bad UX are:

  • Highest surge rate at the time of around 9am and 6pm. These two times are like golden hours for these firms. Irrespective of whether the surge is based on limited available of cabs, this can be handled easily if they are considered of serving the public in right way. But instead, they show this surge everyday as if it is the common people’s mistake for not having enough cabs.
  • In sharing/pooling cabs, starting board time even when the driver is too far from the location. This doesn’t makes sense but usually this is the mistake of driver who just starts the boarding time of another passenger instead of the actual passenger whose location the driver has reached. I don’t know there is a option which is letting the driver to start boarding of other passenger. Shouldn’t this be bound to the location? If the driver is near the location of a passenger then the driver can start boarding for that particular passenger based on the location vicinity. I am not sure why this wasn’t thought of.. and also I am failing to see any profit to the firm with this “feature”.
  • What’s with the “no cabs” available in your area? Why do you assume that I just want to go out only if the cabs are available in my area? I understand if the cab is available in my area, the waiting time will be less but don’t you think the customer who is looking out for a cab on your “rich UX” App (pun intended) wants to go somewhere and showing the customer that there are “no cabs available” you are losing the customer? Oh, I get it! you want to force the customer to switch to luxury cabs or purchase the monthly pass or to say literally, you want the customer to spend more money if he/she really need to travel/commute. This business logic is against proper public service (use of public desperation against the public) and to be honest, is cunning as it sounds and is unlawful (Well, Government should not let this happen). What could be the possible solution? I would say, in longer term, these firms can increase the cabs or maybe show the cab from other near area (with confirmation from user?) or keep on looking for cabs till one hits (or till user intentionally stop the search).

These are my thoughts on improving the User experience explained with frustration because I dealt with such scenarios. I would be happy to hear your thoughts or discuss on the same.

Thanks for reading!